Your Canadian Service Coatings Company

Allcolour Paint Limited has been producing quality Industrial, Architectural and Heavy-Duty coatings for the Canadian market for over five decades. In 2019, Allcolour joined forces with Cloverdale Paint Inc. of Surrey, British Columbia, to grow for decades to come!



Founded in 1963 with $15,000 and an ambitious dream, Allcolour set out to become a technology driven coatings manufacturer. Today, with over 50 years experience, Allcolour is one of the industry’s leading manufactures and suppliers, selling everything from waterborne epoxies to fast dry enamels. With distribution from the Pacific coast to the shores of Newfoundland, Allcolour’s service reach is unlimited. Allcolour brings a rich history of technological know-how and responsiveness to industry demands resulting in high tech products that are eco-friendlier, in addition to, increasing applicator safety. In 2019, the Allcolour team joined forces with Cloverdale Paint of Surrey, British Columbia to strengthen both company’s resources and offerings, notably people, technology and high quality products.

Key Historical Milestones:

Below is a list of key milestones that have enriched and shaped Allcolour as the company it is today:

1963 – Founded in Oakville, Ontario Canada by George Chapman.
1968 – Plant Expansion: larger mill room
1972 – Plant Expansion: separate filling room
1976 – Plant Expansion: finished goods warehouse
1977 – Founder’s death; control and ownership passed to Charles and Robert Chapman.
1980 – Plant Expansion: raw material warehouse
1983 – Formed Ideal Paints producing trade sales products.
1983 – Major Plant expansion to Plant #1 doubling output capacity.
1984 – Tolling began for Ameron Inc.
1985 – Acquired Holloway Paints of Alberta, Canada.
1990 – Ranked 1st by Trench Electric – Coil Division for superior service and quality.
1993 – Founding Member of the Milestone Club for the Canadian Cancer Society.
1993 – Joint Venture between Allcolour and Ameron’s former Canadian manager founds Amercoat Canada.
1993 – Amercoat Canada acquires the Ameron licensee rights for Eastern Canada.
1996 – ISO9003:1994 (SGS) Registration.
1997 – United Way Special Event Award.
1998 – Launch Allthane I (28-Line) polyurethane.

1998 – Launch Allthane II (90-Line) polyurethane, tough and rugged formulation for the forestry industry and long haul transportation applications.
1999 – ISO9002:1994 (SGS) Registration
1999 – Launch Allcrete (86-Line) 100% solids Self-Leveling Flooring epoxy
1999 – United Way Special Event Award
2000 – Amercoat Canada acquires the Ameron licensee rights for all of Canada
2000 – Launch of NoVOCure (14-Line) waterborne epoxy.
2000 – Acquired Tempo Aerospace Inc., a company specialising in Aerospace and Military coatings
2000 – Launch “Zero-T”, “One-T” and Backer Coil Coatings
2001 – Completed plant #1 expansion providing new resin storage facilities and stainless steel production facilities.
2003 – ISO9001:2000 (SGS) Registration
2003 – Launch Allthane Pro (94-Line) polyurethane
2003 – Ideal Paints sold to PPI to focus manufacturing operations and free up capacity for rapidly increasing demand of Allcolour’s industrial products
2004 – Launch of Allthane III HS (95-Line) high solids aliphatic polyurethane, low V.O.C at spray viscosity
2005 – Completed complete retro fit and large expansion of existing facilities, increasing production capacity by over 500,000usg per annum
2019 – AllColour joins Cloverdale Paint Inc. of Surrey, British Columbia, adding to the organization’s roster of high quality people, industrial technology, manufacturing, and a wide range of light industrial and heavy-duty industrial coatings.